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A team of more than 30 people works daily on improvement of our products created for you


Three-factor authentication is used: SMS code, email code and pin code. If a virus has settled on your computer, it will not be able to read the code from SMS in any way. And if a virus settles on a smartphone, it will not be able to read the pin code or email code.


Reliable service that has been running smoothly since 2014. We care about the security of collecting and storing personal data and comply with GDPR standards.


Quick access to bitcoins. You can pay for goods or services with bitcoins in 1 click directly from the browser in our personal account with a simple and intuitive interface.


The support service is always ready to help customers and answer all their questions. Technical support online from 8 to 22 in Moscow.

Our goal

Provide a simple, convenient and secure way to work with cryptocurrencies for absolutely everyone.

Bitcoin is electronic cash. You can be used to pay for goods or services, as well as investment in the future of the e-economy. Bitcoins there are only 21 million coins, most of which which has already been mined and put into circulation, and more of them are already will never. Because there are a lot of people on earth, and bitcoin is very small - try to get at least a few pieces before btc becomes the global currency.

Since btc is electronic cash, then they need to be somewhere - then store. You can store them on your computer but then viruses or hackers can steal them. And if the computer will break, bitcoins will disappear forever. To avoid these misfortunes, we have created our service. MATBEA is an online bitcoin wallet in which everything actions are confirmed by SMS. So not a single satoshi will not be spent without your consent.

A security system has been introduced to protect bitcoins last generation.

Looking for where to buy Bitcoin but can't figure it out the intricacies of buying cryptocurrency? Our company has decided make buying bitcoin accessible to everyone users, regardless of their level of proficiency computer. Every day thousands of people save the purchase of Bitcoin, as they believe that the creation of bitcoin a wallet without certain knowledge is impossible. Our the company is sure that it is not possible to send or buy Bitcoin should be more difficult than making a bank transfer. That is why we have created a unique service, combining two functions at once: a wallet and an exchanger Bitcoins.

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